At Ecoliving 1802, our mission is to create a socially collective and connected life through services and community spaces, in order to share and live better.

We have an internal “Living App” to provide activities to neighbours, organise events, share communal services, organic baskets of allotment produce, caretakers and security services, etc.

On the ground floor, open-air, tree-lined passageways have been designed with large areas for relaxing with benches made from restored beams, making it easier to live together, go for walks and spread out housing.

Urban allotments with rainwater collection and self-supply baskets maintained by a secondary company.

Farming and maintaining the allotments and distributing its produce to the community will be managed by a company that specialise in farming. The Ecoliving 1802 residents can freely participate in the farming and collection of allotments. Eco workshops and other related activities will also be on offer.

Social Club

Located facing the community’s main entrance, a space is designed with possible vending machines, kitchen, television etc. services for organising events around culture, sport, co-working, meetings, dinner…


Community pool

A 18 meter long swimming pool.

It is wide and long enough for swimming in and perfect for relaxing in the water.
Hidden from the view of neighbours thanks to latticework made from recovered wood from the old factory.

Chill-out deck

The communal swimming pool spaces will have a large solarium area. Accessible via bridges.

Bike park

There are bicycle parkings in the building.

Caretaker and video surveillance